Art Yowza Summer Camp: Sculpture Wow Day 2 and Day 4

Let me share little bit about myself to the readers of Art Yowza Internship Blog! I am Mutsumi Kanzawa. I am a illustration student at California College of the Arts and an intern at Art Yowza for the summer of 2010. My goal is to become an art teacher, as well as a children’s book illustrator, in Japan where I am originally from.

Sculpture Wow 2nd Day
Tuesday, June 15th
This day was my first day at Art Yowza! I was very nervous and overwhelmed by the energy of the kids. In the morning, they built space ships with recycled plastic materials and scotch tapes. In the afternoon, they started building robots using various sized cardboard.

It was great to see that the children were thoughtful of each other. This day was a first day at Art Yowza for one of the girls. Another girl was playing with her and taking care of her throughout the day. Also, a boy with a little sister was making an extra robot for his sister.

So this day was my first day, and I didn’t know how to interact with the children. I asked my roommate for an advice, and she said to feel comfortable being around with children and enjoy the camp myself, since kids like to be with a fun person. That was a great advice and I kept that in my mind next time.

Sculpture Wow 4th Day
Thursday, June 17th
My 2nd day at Art Yowza. There were a lot of active children! We had couple new girls and one new boy. Throughout the day, the kids worked on the Popsicle stick dolls. I love how they were making unique dolls like aliens, cat and ninja. Some girls were designing dresses and accessories.

I didn’t know what to do when one of the girls started crying when she had a small problem with her friends. Rebecca helped her by introducing other girls who are willing to play with her. In next couple hours or so, I was glad to see her playing with her friends again!


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