Art Yowza Summer Camp: Puppet Parade Day 1

Puppet Parade 1st Day, Monday June 21st
Occasionally, monday is a first day at Art Yowza for some children. I enjoyed meeting new faces as well as the returning kids.
Some girls were taking time to know each other, but since they share same interest (they were telling me about Polly Pocket) I’m sure they’ll be good friends by the end of the day. In the morning, the children were fascinated by the pill bugs, or “rollie pollie”.

Today, the children worked on finger puppets. Rebecca provided them with various shaped pieces, and they combined them toether with glue to create faces. Then they attached the faces on the felt, which were sewn together to fit on a finger. Then Rebecca pulled out the bags of feathers and yarns for more decorations. 

I was delighted to see how they were creating various characters. One girl was naming her puppets “Worker Ladybug” and “Rainbow Princess”. Another boy was working on sea creatures, like a shark and a fish. So unique!


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