Art Yowza Summer Camp: Puppet Parade Day 3

Puppet Parade 3rd Day, Wednesday June 23rd
Today’s art is exciting and challenging. It’s paper-mâché! Rebecca prepared paper medium by combining water and Cellclay, and mixing them together. Basically, Cellclay is like wet clay that the children can easily mold without using any tool. They put the paper medium on the basic structure made out of rolled up newspaper and a paper towel roll. As Rebecca predicted, some children didn’t like the texture of the paper medium. Interesting to see that when one child start complaining about the paper-mâché, others who sit close to him/her start grumbling as well. I tried to encourage the child to keep working on the paper-mâché.  I wonder what  should I do next time if a child don’t want to work on a given project.

Also I met Jordan today, another intern at Art Yowza. It’s great to have a friendly, active highschool student working with us!


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