Art Yowza: Around the World Day 3

Today’s destination of the Around the World tour was Japan! The campers learned to draw Japanese comic (Manga) style characters. Also, I gave a lesson on how to draw a 3 dimensional robot character called Mr. Roberto. I was referring to a song, Domo Arigatto Mr. Roboto, but the campers didn’t know what I was talking about. I guess it’s popular among the locals in Hawaii. Anyway, I taught 3-4 campers at a time, so they were following the instructions well. However, they have different work pace, and it was difficult to wait for each camper to finish before I instruct a next step. I started asking campers who finished to help the others.
Especially for this week, Rebecca have ways to get the campers excited about the theme. She started the day by becoming a customs officer, stamping a passport with a octopus stamp, and asking “What is the nature of your visit?” Then she suggest the interesting places or food in Japan. Next time when I give a lesson, I want children engaged in activities.

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