Art Yowza: Art Tricks Day 3

Today’s topic was shading, and I learned that it’s a difficult subject to teach. First, they started simple by shading planets. Then campers drew dragons and shaded their drawings with colored pencils. I taught them by drawing the sun on the top corner to show the source of light. Then, I explained that the parts furthest from the light is darkest and the closest would be lightest. Then the gradation from dark to light.
Also, I visited Little Bear Camp at the Home of Truth in Alameda to observe the art classes at other summer camp. They were working on decorating shields (circular cardboard) with images of animals from magazines, markers, and colored pencils. It was amazing to see only two instructors managing a room full of campers in different age groups. Similar to Rebecca, the instructors of Little Bear Camp is very kind but have authoritative tone of voice, which I need to work on.


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