swissmiss | positive posters

Positive Posters wants to give graphic designers an outlet to create freely, and to use their skills to inspire, challenge and make a positive difference in a non-commercial way.


3 thoughts on “swissmiss | positive posters

  1. Wow, great opportunity. I think I’ll try it. All these posters encouraged me to see things "Half Full" instead of "Half Empty"!

  2. This is awesome! Talk about inspiring! I like the one with handmade stamped on the forearm with the clothing factory in the background, wow. also the one with the dog in front of crumpled paper that reads he can’t design…can you? hilarious.

  3. Hey Mutsumi and Stephey, Nick from Positive Posters here. Thanks so the great feedback. Sorry it’s taken me so long to find your comments. This years comp is on right now. Feel free to check it out. Hope you’re well. Nick

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