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How can schools teach creativity, without exploring how to make a living from that creativity?


Entrepreneurs choose to constantly learn

I actually sometimes do make choices out of fear…I think everybody knows these moments  when you are about to make a choice and you feel you start doubting, suspending or ignoring.

It is challenging to pull yourself out of your comfort zone. This takes balls, it is not easy and it costs energy.. but the feeling afterwards is so damn rewarding not only because you made a conscious choice, you are learning!

I agree this costs energy AND it builds energy.
Playing bigger is a greater energy exchange.

Self-Initiated Design Work Develops Dream Jobs

Most of the freelancers we interview didn’t start off with dream clients or the exact type of work they eventually wanted, but they created self-initiated work for their portfolio, they took some jobs initially for very low rates, they approached companies they’ve always wanted to work for, and basically put out there what they wanted. With hard work and perseverance, they slowly started getting the jobs and clients they’ve always dreamt of.

It’s always important to know what you want and what you need.
Have it on the tip of your tongue, so that you can give and receive from others.

Design for the Greater Good

What’s Your Red Rubber Ball?! is an interactive workbook designed to help younger kids discover their dreams and make life long goals around them. The Red Rubber Ball at Work features insight from prominent and successful people who are living their dreams through their businesses. Today, Kevin distributes his books and speaks at schools and companies around the world, working to help others discover their inspiration and to encourage them on their chase.

I love the message and design collaboration here.
This inspires me to develop my life skills project!

9 Skills Needed by Freelance Creative Designers and Ilustrators

( Cute marketing …  this book trailer will really appeal to their demograpic )

Try this!

The Entrepreneur Quiz – Should I start a business?


I scored 100% and I’m seven years into owning my business……..
I’m not sure what I would have scored when I first started out.
I definitely had to work on growing my confidence along the way.
And criticism is still tough.
My business is a work in progress and it recently dawned on me that I’m mid-career now.
This afternoon, I watched  The Modernism of Julius Shulman on Netflix Instant.
It’s only in late life that his photography has became  “art”  and he was able build a curriculum for high school students and be of service to modern architectecture fans and environmentalists.
I’ve planted my seeds and also had a few harvests …..So, what is to become of my work ( 30,000 photos of original children’s artwork)
It’s fun to think about…..
And no time like the present to get started…..  I’d love to work with more interns, art teachers, designers and illustrators.