Entrepreneurs choose to constantly learn

I actually sometimes do make choices out of fear…I think everybody knows these moments  when you are about to make a choice and you feel you start doubting, suspending or ignoring.

It is challenging to pull yourself out of your comfort zone. This takes balls, it is not easy and it costs energy.. but the feeling afterwards is so damn rewarding not only because you made a conscious choice, you are learning!

I agree this costs energy AND it builds energy.
Playing bigger is a greater energy exchange.


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs choose to constantly learn

  1. nice lil’post. you’re right we do choose to move past fear. I’ve come to know fear isn’t the problem, we’re always going to have fear, it’s what we choose to do with that fear that creates our reality. DO we choose to listen to fear and stay stuck, don’t do whatever it tells us not to? Or do we listen and then despite fear move past our comfort zone, expand our ability to create and marvel at – well what we just accomplished despite our fear! Sometimes it’s important to listen to fear, sometimes it warns us and protects us from disaster, other times its go time!

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