Get noticed! Artists and Designers

Top 10 reasons to present at Pecha Kucha SF

  1. Get the thrill of karaoke without exposing our horrible singing skills.
  2. For 6 minutes and 40 seconds, you will finally be listened to.
  3. Easiest way to amass a set of design groupies
  4. It’s a great way to find like-minded geniuses like yourself
  5. Consider it less fatal than a jury of your peers plus there’s beer!
  6. Prove you CAN do something pleasurable non-stop for 7 minutes.
  7. First step to your own reality TV show.
  8. Hang your brilliance out for that talent scout to see.
  9. Boost your google search results – a lot!
  10. You can be someone else’s inspiration – you’re more amazing than you think.
we are currently accepting new presenters. contact us at

Next Pecha Kucha SF is on October 27 at 330 Ritch, SF!

Designers and Illustrators Secret Directory

Make a book. Make a difference.

Whatever you do to make the world a better place, a book can spread your message and support your cause. Joining Blurb for Good enables you to set the price for your book and keep 100% of the profit for your cause. Use Blurb BookShow™ to promote your book online. And we’ll help you get the word out by featuring your book in Blurb’s bookstore. We’ll also handle all the back end stuff, from fulfilling orders to tracking sales to sending checks or payments via PayPal. If you qualify, we’ll even pitch in with a charitable contribution for every book you sell. It’s the ultimate win-win-win. For you, your cause, and people who want to help

Be creative about ways that people can be inspired by your work!

Illustrators need to See and Be Seen!

It’s time for the design talent in San Francisco to “See & Be Seen.” So much design talent in San Francisco & so little exposure!

Here’s the chance for you, designers of all kinds, to tell the world about YOUR big ideas! Break out of those pesky specialties, see what cool things are going on right here in town. Who knows you might just stimulate some cross-discipline collaborations & connections & maybe even get inspired in the process.

We have invited designers in product design, interactive media, illustration, fashion, graphics, film, architecture & landscape – virtual and real- to stand-up and show the world what they can do.

This is the San Francisco version of Pecha Kucha, originally created by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo.

Try Pecha Kucha San Francisco

Networking for Beginning Illustators

I love to look at these sites:

Joining groups on flickr is a good way to have work seen:

Children’s book illustrators and authors

I’m curious about this organization:

Society for Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators

On my to do list is put a portfolio up on LInkedin:

Creative Portfolio Display on Linkedin using Behance

This is another thing I’d like to study more:
Society for Illustrating Children’s Books

Building an online presence takes time but it’s very rewarding.