Get noticed! Artists and Designers

Top 10 reasons to present at Pecha Kucha SF

  1. Get the thrill of karaoke without exposing our horrible singing skills.
  2. For 6 minutes and 40 seconds, you will finally be listened to.
  3. Easiest way to amass a set of design groupies
  4. It’s a great way to find like-minded geniuses like yourself
  5. Consider it less fatal than a jury of your peers plus there’s beer!
  6. Prove you CAN do something pleasurable non-stop for 7 minutes.
  7. First step to your own reality TV show.
  8. Hang your brilliance out for that talent scout to see.
  9. Boost your google search results – a lot!
  10. You can be someone else’s inspiration – you’re more amazing than you think.
we are currently accepting new presenters. contact us at

Next Pecha Kucha SF is on October 27 at 330 Ritch, SF!


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