The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero — Kickstarter

Frank wants to design a book about…….



1.  A cornerstone of communication is storytelling, and yet you’d be hard-pressed to find any discussion of how to tell stories with design in any design book. 

2.. As our world moves faster and as things become less stable, it becomes more important for individuals to embrace ambiguity, understand paradox, and realize that two things can conflict and still somehow both be true. We must realize that logic doesn’t always work, and that sometimes nonsense is the best answer.

3.  Design is more than working for clients.

 4. How can we make things that help all of us live better?


Designer uses Kickstarter to raise funds for book project. Here is an example how to get people inspired by your passion and vision…….


Funny Faces Tutorial

Funny Faces are fun to make……


Do you need a fast way to make the face shapes?
Try these templates which are designed for 8.5″ x 11″ paper  (designed by Mutsumi Kanzawa)

Ask your students to…..

1. First fold the paper in half vertically
2. . Cut along the line
3. Think about how they can create symmetrical shapes by folding the paper.


Our first attemps at improvising with our masks.

Scribble, Grade K

Scribble, Grade 5


After we talked about customs and being cultural curious.

Blue and Orange. Grade 5

Tooth Fairy, Grade K


During Popcorn, we brainstormed about what our partner school students might sound like….

Popcorn Brainstorm

Pudding Bowl, Grade 5

Pudding Bowl, Grade K  (Re-enacting GR 5’s play)