Funny Faces Tutorial

Funny Faces are fun to make……


Do you need a fast way to make the face shapes?
Try these templates which are designed for 8.5″ x 11″ paper  (designed by Mutsumi Kanzawa)

Ask your students to…..

1. First fold the paper in half vertically
2. . Cut along the line
3. Think about how they can create symmetrical shapes by folding the paper.


Our first attemps at improvising with our masks.

Scribble, Grade K

Scribble, Grade 5


After we talked about customs and being cultural curious.

Blue and Orange. Grade 5

Tooth Fairy, Grade K


During Popcorn, we brainstormed about what our partner school students might sound like….

Popcorn Brainstorm

Pudding Bowl, Grade 5

Pudding Bowl, Grade K  (Re-enacting GR 5’s play)





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