10 Signs You Were Born to Be an Art Teacher

1. You’ve pulled out a Halloween costume in March.
2. Your favorite toys were boxes, toilet paper rolls, and if you had a Barbie she had a haircut.
3. When you go to the museum, all you can think of how much more interesting your kids art is.
4. You find yourself saying “What makes you say that?” and “Tell me more about that” to your spouse. . . only realize how crazy you sound when you get no response and a raised eyebrow.
5. You get really excited when you find/collect 30 of anything. 30 yogurt containers, 30 notebooks on sale, 30 paper towel tubes.
6. You have a macaroni necklace in your jewelry box.
7. When you find an “I love art” note or picture in your drawers you decide to throw out. . . later.
8. When you told your parents that you wanted to go to college to study art they made a half hearted attempt to suggest you go to a liberal arts college and make art your minor.
9. You think the only reason to spend a day at the beach is to make a sand sculpture.
10. You never understand why there’s a line at the copy machine at school.

Oh, this made me laugh.


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