City Symbols Expanded

two islands

lighthouse, too.


I’m laughing at myself as I watch these videos. tonight……  I was so busy trying to put the Alameda context back into the work so it would relate to my idea of the city symbols project …that I almost missed the gold.


But the girls had better ideas!  Both used the city symbols model magic (clay)  pieces as a starting point in their new paintings and they’d grown narratives beyond Alameda.  

 I think the new narratives would be more interesting to our 5 year old partners across the sea.   Video is good for teacher reflection….I see now there was  more story than I realized.   Next time, I’ll give more room for discovery.


One thought on “City Symbols Expanded

  1. Every time I watch these videos, I learn more.I need to give more room for learning in these videos!I was in too big a hurry to contextualize to one point.

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