21 Century Skills for Art Teacher and Principals

I’m working on a project about how art teachers can use entrepreneurial behavior to gain support from their communities and principals….. (21st century skills)
so with that in mind, I’ll apply some quotes toward enrolling your principal in a 21st Century Skills enhanced art program.  

You will need to engage your principal in new ways…..


companies / ART TEACHERS  have only two functions: innovation and marketing. All the rest are costs.”
“Innovate and market” means “create something amazing and then go tell people about it. ”

“ We make it a point to ‘turn’ upset customers / PRINCIPALS into happy customers and then,
evangelists. You have to bury your ego and let them beat you up as you hear them out,
then actively respond, fix their issue AND then somehow go above and beyond
to delight them. We think that makes true evangelists. *

Customer / PRINCIPAL  service is the best marketing ”

“ But if a company / ART TEACHER needs marketing for the initial expression of its idea, it doesn’t really have an idea at all. ”……
(the value of  a choice-based classroom will be evident as it becomes more valuable to the students……


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