Advice for Art Teachers – Developing Your Business

My career expanded when I realized that independent contract meant I as in business for myself.

I used to have a portfolio career like this also……. then I realized I wasn’t earning very much and a middleman was taking a cut — the agency I was employed by……

I figure out my financial goals  first  and develop a business  plan.

I also have consistent marketing and camp / class availability. 

 I put the dates / themes of my camps, classes on my website a year in advance  (so others can plan also)

I decided how much I wanted to work and earn per year.

Also, I analyzed what other camps and classes charged in my area.  

Most my clients are working parents with two incomes

The profit in my business supports my community volunteer work………. training parents to be art docents in our local elementary schools  (we don’t have paid art teachers here)

I teach at my carriage house studio at my house.

Fortunately, I get a lot of my materials donated.  

I collect biz advice here………….



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