Art Collaboration and Exchange with International Schools

Hi Rebecca,
Do you know where I can join an international school exchange art program?

The key benefits for students, schools and teachers
participating in this project have shown that it:
• Helps in creating learning opportunities.
• Provides the students with an opportunity for
international exchange.
• Provides teachers with an insight into new
modern teaching techniques.
• Creates a platform for sharing of artistic input,
history and culture.
• Starts new partnerships that go a long way in
educational development.
turbinegeneration is a Unilever sponsored project that
enables schools across the world to explore
contemporary cultural issues through art. It is a way in
which schools can share ideas through a variety of
media ranging from photography, sound, video and
dance, to drama and oral stories. The aim is to enhance
student understanding of the world by encouraging
interaction and collaboration through contemporary art.
It also encourages students to consider art in the
context of literacy, geography, social studies, history
and technology. Over 120,000 children from 12
countries have taken part since the project’s inception.

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