Art Student Reflections, Artist Statements and Visual Literacy through Video

I’ve recently started making videos to record artist statements.
i use my iphone so they can see and hold the screen  / i also have a flip camera

It’s engaging for small groups


1. the kids want to make videos— it’s entertaining and makes them feel important, seen and heard

2. they can see instantly through playback if their video is interesting or effective and get ideas and critique from their friends

3. they then have a desire to make it better or elaborate on their stories and develop the art of storytelling and exhiition

4. they enjoy watching  other kids videos…… thus enhancing learning and communication skills within our tribe

5. i learn more because i am actively  looking and thinking in a fresh way—– I witness how i’m teaching and adjust it to be more effective

6,  i can use the videos in my blog…… making it attractive for me to do it often  (i can e-mail them to my posterous blog)

7. it ‘s a reflection, art  project  and an artist  statement all rolled up in one activity


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