Teaching the Elements of Art through Graphic Design Poster Competitons

I put a new poster on my door every week.

The kids would look at it throughout the day while they were passing in the hall

For example, an impressionist painting print , the word “impressionism” and a speech bubble with the words “dot. dot. dot”

I’d talk to them about the poster when they were lining up at the end of my class.
I’d quiz them to tell me how to identify that poster vs the one from the week before

If I needed to pull a “party trick” …..
I’d set it up as a contest…….. to make sure everyone was paying attention

And if I did it today —— I’d get the kids involved.
I’d have it be an idea  for the collage station……… make posters for elements of art, principles of design, ect.
or it could be a challenge for kids make posters and vote to see which poster describes the term the best and gets picked to be on the door.

This teaches the art of graphic design and is part of 21st Century Skills……. Communicate, Collaborate, Problem Solve and Innovate.

I also made bulletin boards outside my classroom…….. put up artwork and then gave out slips of paper with art terms
and had the kids pin on these “labels”  or better yet have them write out “labels” in their own handwriting
(making it into  a game)

I did this as proof of knowledge……..
told the kids that the sooner we get this done
we can get back to our real fun.

also, I’d encourage the kids to share their knowledge with the principal


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