Video Demos: 21st Centuty Skills for Art Students

Yes, “off the cuff” works well within a framework.

Therefore, I organized some of my videos by 21st Century Skills!

My General Recommendations for the Kids
a. Videos need to be less than two minutes in length. One minute videos are even better (.It’s ok to make a short series of videos if needed.)
b. Don’t say your real name…… make up a nickname. (this makes it easier to share permission wise)
c. After you make a video, look at it, think about how you might improve it , share it with others, get their suggestions or encouragement and make another better video.

Equipment we use for Video Making
Flip Camera
Photo booth on Mac Laptop

Vidoeo Types

Problem Solving
Construction Demos: Can we teach what we’ve discovered?

Pop-Up Card…

Cartoon Book

Exquisite Corpse

Storytelling: What’s the bigger story?

Ellie the Elephant


Pudding Bowls

Creativity and Innovation
Play: How much more fun is possible?

Obstacle Course

Puppets go Bananas

We got rhythm…

Do you want to be our partner school?

City Symbols Letter Art Show

Tate Modern Partnership (view the whole series of posts)


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