Design Global Change

Design Global Change is a creative think-tank, applying the power of design to develop projects that bring positive change to communities around the world.

We believe that design can make a difference in our world, and as designers we are global citizens collaborating with different disciplines, crossing borders and partnering with new communities to make responsible, sustainable design solutions to shared global problems.

Good design for all.

We want our fellow global citizens to be empowered by good design. We believe cultural identity to be empowering and are concerned by its devaluation worldwide. Our work aims to bring local and global communities together.  

We investigate.

We adopt appropriate design methods for different cultures and needs. We collaborate across disciplines for a well-informed perspective. We constantly examine and challenge methods of current design practice.  

Design is an agent of change. It can:

Foster widespread social awareness and education.
Empower our community and daily lives.
We recognize the power of design to clarify ideas.
There is a need for design, redesign.  

We’re all in this together.

We aim to be connected, to listen to and understand all the differnt people who are connected through our design. Not for ourselves, but for others and our world.

i like the idea of “global citizens creating positive change”


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