The Aims of Visual Arts Education

The Aims of Visual Arts Education
16 Goals for the Development of Visual Arts Education


Visual Arts Education………


uses hands and tools/implements, and creates what we need to live.

(Origin of Human Civilization)


provide visual literacy in the various modes of visual communication to include drawing, craft, digital art, studio production, art history, aesthetics and criticism.

(Visual Literacy)


confirms the world and expression of children, and allows them to express themselves appropriately for their age.

(Advocacy of Child-ness)


creates tools, and designs the earth and the world by using them beautifully.
(Tools and Technology in Harmony)


confirms each child’s individual sense and expressiveness, assigns to relative values, and allows children to express their own feelings.

(Respect of Individuality)


thinks using eyesight/images, and integrates concrete images into words and numbers.

(Visual Thinking)


attempts to teach children to dream and to experience the joy of creation, not knowledge or skills alone.

(Joy of Creativity)

For that reason, visual art education teaches the basics while emphasizing multiple kinds of creative art experiences.

(Enthusiasm for Creativity)



uses the specific “expressive and appreciative” activities that children use to create art to teach them to express themselves in many ways and to live their own lives.


9.  teaches integration and harmony in the various relationships between people, as well as in tools, materials, and knowledge.

(Self-control and Cooperation) (Hands-on Projects)


turns Destructive Energy into Constructive Artwork.

(Art Therapy)


aims at child-focused activities, and is opposed to instructors teaching unilaterally using particular teaching methods such as XX.

(Opposition to Uniformity)


is based on a broad specialization in creative arts and consideration for children. Individualized instruction appropriate to each child is the ideal.

(Individual Instruction)


develops a lifelong love of creative arts, a sense of beauty, and a rich capacity for self expression.



enhances culture and fine arts for real development of human beings, and protects traditional cultural assets and copyrights.

(Protection and Development of Culture and Fine Arts)


aims to build personalities able to deal proactively with all future issues with creativity and with self-sufficiency.

(Contributing to the Society of the Future)

16.  is inviting students to create a vision of Peace.

(Peacemaking !)


This list would be more attractive if it was visually appealing………


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