Design is Love

Year in Review

It was an amazing year and one that I have learned so much from and grew a lot. Thanks to everyone who came along for the journey. Here’s what happened in the last year!

Curated an exhibit for my book Creative Grab Bag

Joined the organizing team as the graphic designer for TEDxBloomington, a conference about the wisdom of play

Interned at co:lab, where I learned tons with some of the smartest designers and friends I know

Supported the efforts of Design is Love

Joined a design studio and think tank called Be Playful, who my good friend and mentor Christian Long recently started

Designed a instructional booklet with games and activities for a set of flash cards about gender equality for rural schools in India through Design Global Change

Continued working on the board of AIGA Connecticut, helped to start two new student groups at colleges in the state, and develop new educational programs for professionals to interact with students

Attended The Feast, A Better World by Design, and Brand New conferences

Re-designed my website for the last time in a while so I can focus on doing everything else

Designed a shirt with the message of Our Campus, Our Planet which we handed out to one thousand freshmen at the University of Hartford orientation

Helped to paint a mural about non-violence in Hartford

Became closer to my friends and made some awesome new ones

Honestly, I didn’t really know I did that much in the past year. This coming year is going to be remarkable. Going to be doing what I love and around the people I love, my family and friends. There is so much going on in my life now and I am thankful for everyone who is part of it. Happy New Year!

I am so impressed with the accomplishments of this college student.


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