Connecting art with social change / teens created digital media projects

“Young people express their politics in new ways, often invisible to older generations. Their commitments are to social causes, and their actions are more often communicated across online networks or through individual responses such as buycotts (buying products that give back to society and rewarding businesses with online buzz). They prefer immediate action through volunteering rather than abstract politics.

This week’s StudentSpeak webisode offers a peek into this new style of civic commitment. Inspired by a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, teens involved in the Engage Project coupled their design skills with graphic design software to create a statement about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Engage Project, a five-week summer program based at YOUmedia, Chicago Public Library’s digital space for teens, asks participants to become both artists and activists. After viewing and discussing contemporary and classic American art, the teens created digital media projects connecting art with social change.”



new style of civic commitment

using engagement and design skills

Connecting art with social change




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