Teacher. Intern and Project Blogging made easier on Posterous

Posterous is great for teachers!
Blogging is so much easier since I’m using Posterous.  So much so that my wordpress blog has been neglected.

I can e-mail my posts (as can my interns who are contributors)

I can drop whatever media I want into my e-mails …… you tube links will show as youtube posts

My PDF worksheet show up in a format that allows the users to print them easily  (press print)

Photos that I e-mail to my blog  (or my interns e-mail to the blog) — will feed into my flickr account  (

All my posts with autopost to the  social media  of my choice……i.e flicker , facebook, ect.  / also will autopost to my interns chosen media feeds as well 

Unlike tumblr, posterous has commenting and social media tools

The bookmarklet tool makes reblogging so easy!  You can post something and put comments underneath it

Also, Posterous has suggested some interesting similar  blogs to me.


I also have a personal photo project on Posterous……. because it’s so easy to send photos from my phone.  ( i use an iphone with the toy camera app)
The subect line of the e-mail becomes the title

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