Online Visual Portfolios and Web Presence for Art Teacher and Students

I’ve been training my interns to develop a web presence and online visual portfolios. (And this might help HS students, too)
I have gotten a few jobs from just making prototypes of what I wanted to do in the future.
Making arts learning visible and designthinking are themes for me this year.

I want to create something like this…… the story of the studio in comic book form

Of course, I’m an entrepreneur so I’m always thinking of marketing and building creative community.
I’ve been a teaching artist for 24 years and have taught in a variety of scenarios.
I’ve always been able to find work doing what I love. And I’ve needed to keep growing into new opportunities.

Yes, it’s a lot of work.
I think of it as my happiness and life purpose.


I’ve been collaborating on the Tate Modern’s Turbinegeneration Project and just got off a call about improving the site /functionality.
I said that giving new teachers a form toolkit would be really helpful.
For example, photo release form, letter to parents / students / teachers / administrators about the project, philosophy and links, how to participate, press release blurbs for school newsletters, ect.

fyi …’s some planning, promotion and advocacy resource links …..


I’ve also been very amused by Frank Chimero’s Classroom Rules (for his college aged students)…


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