To swim in a rainbow of creativity

“In a 2008 survey of 5,000 child psychologists in 29 countries (including the U.K., Canada, France, America, Japan, etc.) the overwhelming majority agreed on five key points parents need to know:

1. Gifted children are created – not born.

2. How children learn and think is more important that what they learn and think.

3. When learning is fun, children learn more, and quicker.

4. Most children are never taught how to learn most effectively, so most merely memorize data for the short term.

5. Because young children have minds that are virtual sponges, they are most receptive to learning in the formative years (3-8) and it is during this age that they form their core root personality and form their thinking processes and patterns. Somewhere between ages 8-10 this programming stops and their minds “lock” so how they analyze and solve problems at age 8 is generally how they will do so at age 28 and the rest of their lives.”


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