Earth Day Crafts (Green Toys) Created by Children

Celebrating Earth Day,
these inventions and toys were created from recycled materials.

Spy Kit

Animal Kingdom Game

Robot  Pencil Holder


Elf House

Fire fighter

Pg Farm 

Rolling Ball 


Singing Chickens

During Spring Break 2011, 
our chickens started making up songs.

Youngest Chicken

Sweetest Chicken

Funkiest Chicken

Biggest Quaker

Best Squak

Most Sophisticated

Spring Remix

I also got a big spring inspiration to

1. collaborate with my neighbors and build better fences
2. make a new gate into my garden
3. paint every room in the house with different colored ceilings (like jewel boxes) (strawberry, coffee, sky blue, butter)
4. get four new rugs Persian type rugs and put padding underneath
5. paint my desk silver to go in in my new lime green office with pink carpet
6. remix all my furniture
7. design new paths and sprinkler systems

I’m changing and playing bigger………

Motivation for Quality Work

My students love to know their work is going to be exhibited around town.
They’ll ask me about it in the morning before they even start to work.
Also, appearing on the website also seems to be a perk for them, too….. they want to be the teacher and explain “how to” do the things they’ve figured out……..

What was funny for  me over Spring Break is how they asked me to be an “American Idol” judge.
They wanted sort of a competition dynamic —– each person motivated to do their best work and  looking for real constructive feedback.
They wanted to improve their work…….
I’d send them back with ” that cat leg looks a bit stiff”  and “the corners could be better considered”