Kinesthetic Teaching in the Art Classroom

Simply providing an opportunity to express pent-up physical energy often produces surprising amounts of concentration and focus.

Other great quotes from this article……. (click above for link)

“Your job is to supply the direction, the guided imagery, the permission to be physical, and an encouraging gleam in your eye. The idea is not to have the children imitate your movements, but to discover their own physical language. Music, props, fabrics, a shadow screen, or beautifully illustrated children’s books, can also add to the stimulation and motivation of your children.”

” (When I bang once on my drum, everyone freezes no matter what they’re doing. We even practice holding a position with one leg in the air.) Set up certain routines like warm-up and closings; starting simple and building up; starting with solos, then partners, then small groups. Children too will feel better knowing you are in control.”

“They are expanding their concepts of creativity and of how they can use their own bodies. They are learning through their own creations. The combination of discipline and imagination is an invaluable foundation for creative thinking. Encouraging children to work both alone and with others, to give and to take, to evaluate and to edit, to feel and to think, proves to be empowering to students, and ultimately, therefore, to teachers.”

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