What’s Your Creative Mission?

it’s imperative to take a moment and articulate: “Wait, why am I doing this? And why is it important?” Brilliant and hilarious keynote speaker Jeff Rudell said that he kept his mission statement stuck on the bulletin board above his computer, and here it is: “To make beautiful, strange, ephemeral things out of unexpected materials.” He found it through “a diagnosis” of what he was already doing, rather than something that was outside of himself. Artist Lisa Congdon suggested making a list of all things that you are already doing to find your mission (rather than having to invent it out of thin air).

Jeff Rudell

Inspired and energized at the end of the day, I took myself out to a latte at Tartine Bakery around the block, and started trying to articulate my creative mission to myself. I highly recommend it! Here’s what I have so far: “To be a professional collaborator and creator—cultivating, harvesting, and bringing ideas to fruition in the forms of clever, surprising, and lovely gift books and products.”


One thought on “What’s Your Creative Mission?

  1. This is an important post. Many wonder through life searching for a life’s mission little knowing what they are doing right now actually informs the nature of the mission they are already onto.

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