21st Century Technologies for Storytelling

“Culture is all about our human stories,” said Stogner. “It is how we, as humans, share who we are, what we believe in, what we fear or love, what we hope for, how we live. We have communicated our culture though multimedia storytelling from the earliest cave drawings and stories around the fire pit. Immersive media technologies are an evolving means to tell and share those stories.”

21st Century Technologies for Storytelling

The technologies Stogner employs have come a long way since the days when man first drew pictures on cave walls to communicate. Today she makes use of the latest twenty-first century technologies: high-definition videos, photomurals, archival imagery, 3D computer animation, and digital audio for voice, music, and soundscapes.

“New media technologies have excellent potential to create immersive storytelling by heightening sensory engagement and by forging deeper cognitive and emotional contextual connections with artifacts and objects,” said Stogner.


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