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Entrepreneur Designers

.. Design today requires increasingly diverse ways of solving problems and telling stories. Opening up the range of design possibilities from software, to products, surfaces, services and the systems that connect them is what drives me. An MFA is certainly not the only way to achieve this, and is definitely not essential. But I do believe that stepping back to reflect on what you’ve learnt before piecing it back together is the most effective way to ensure making the most of a life spent practicing design.

— Why Study an MFA? by Tom Harman

Connect with who you are

The biggest difference you can make in the world is not to do something amazing. It’s not about invention, or uncovering planetary shifting ideas. The people who have made their mark on the world surely have done some of these things. But they didn’t set out to, not at first. They tapped into who they were in a big way.

If you want to make a dent in the world, you don’t need to be remarkable or have an earth-shattering vision.

What you need is inside of you.

Trust is a powerful thing

Robert Redford discussed storytelling (he’s drawn to the “space in between the obvious”), risk-taking (think of life as an adventure and seek it out), and failure (it’s a step forward, not the end of the road). And he made some good points about branding.

First off, a brand has to be authentic. It has to be real. How authentic and real? Redford, himself, bristles at the word “brand.” He doesn’t like the word at all.

Then, a brand has to offer quality. Tell a story well told. Touch an emotion.

Being authentic and offering quality leads to trust. If you’re trusted, that’s a powerful thing.