7 Observations for the Rejected


Ever been rejected?

One of my fifth grade campers tried out for something and she was not accepted.  

My heart aches for her.


I remember trying out for swing choir in middle school.  

And guess what?    I still hold a bit of the sting.     

Instead of singing with the choir, I was asked to by the director to be the narrator  (MC).

Now, is this a case of one thing not being like the others?

Am I such a ham or was my pitch just awful?


So busted, dumped, flunked.   Where has it gotten me?

It’s taken me around the bend on the path of self-discovereeee

Following the twists and through the forest, 

I landed smack dab in the open field of my real true thing.   


7 Observations for the Rejected


1            Some rejection is formative.

2            Accomplishment may take some work.

3,            Practice gives you more information

4            Putting a frame on it changes it’s meaning.

5            Building a portfolio is a mindset.

6             What you want is still seeking you.

7            It’s your time and skills to develop

If you ask twice, I’ll stand up and sing I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy with comedic timing.



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