#StartupStories: Failure


Visual Storytelling: Branding on Pinterest

I’ve been thinking about how to illustrate my brand on pinterest

Look at Operation Smile  (a non-profit) as an example of how they show people their value(s).



Operation Smile is doing a great job of telling their story is pictures.

• Before and After Pictures

• Patient Stories

• Pic of the Day

• Videos

• Creative Fundraising

• An Old Life Gone… A New One Started

• Our Smile ambassadors

• Social Good


My  boards have examples of projects you can make at my art camps.

I’d like to tell the visual story of my camp better.   

So this summer, I’ll be focusing on taking more photos to explain the how, who, why, ect.


Is anyone else using pinterest to tell their business story?

750 words per day

I’m practicing my writing everyday.

The fun thing about 750words.com is it can interpret your daily writing into a graphic.

Overall, I am doing a lot of summer camp planning!

Evidently, this was  how I was feeling yesterday…..