I’ll eat it for breakfast.



This is what I want for breakfast.

Gimme some

Art, creativity and teaching   PANCAKES

with whipped cream and

Character-building, happiness and friendship    SYRUP

On the side, I want

Collaborative, action -oriented, product focused    HASH BROWNS

And a refill on the 

Original, aspirational and visionary    JUICE

(photos from my experience with Intuitive Painting at Ghost Ranch)


I love a good list.



The first thing you might notice about me

1. I love a good list
2. I dig condensed speech
3. I can be a little terse
4. I don’t really talk like this
5. This is my kind of wit


When I break the wishbone.  I pray for the blogging gods to help me……..

1. Own my genius
2. Grow my confidence
3. Re-design my Life
4. Lead and actualize
5. Pour the gravy
(photo from my expereince at an Intuitive Painting Workshop: Ghost Ranch, New Mexico)

7 Observations for the Rejected


Ever been rejected?

One of my fifth grade campers tried out for something and she was not accepted.  

My heart aches for her.


I remember trying out for swing choir in middle school.  

And guess what?    I still hold a bit of the sting.     

Instead of singing with the choir, I was asked to by the director to be the narrator  (MC).

Now, is this a case of one thing not being like the others?

Am I such a ham or was my pitch just awful?


So busted, dumped, flunked.   Where has it gotten me?

It’s taken me around the bend on the path of self-discovereeee

Following the twists and through the forest, 

I landed smack dab in the open field of my real true thing.   


7 Observations for the Rejected


1            Some rejection is formative.

2            Accomplishment may take some work.

3,            Practice gives you more information

4            Putting a frame on it changes it’s meaning.

5            Building a portfolio is a mindset.

6             What you want is still seeking you.

7            It’s your time and skills to develop

If you ask twice, I’ll stand up and sing I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy with comedic timing.


Marketing Art Classes: How to pick the right image

A few things go into picking a photo for my newsletter.  

 I’m wondering if you can guess why I chose this first picture over the others?



This one was the winner!   Look carefully.   What does this picture say?  represent?  show?  





This pic describes the studio vibe — happy , engaged and a  little silly.   
Although there are more boys in the picture,  the first thing you notice girls
Also, we don’t see any quirky cool art being produced.
And I’ve remodeled the studio this year and moved the shelving out — so this is now old school.
The look of Art Yowza studio is now a little more retro-modern zen instead of rococo.





We get to see a least two new things:  learning and location.
The kids were interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphics during Around the World Camp at the Park.





There are a lot of friendships made at Art Yowza.  
This team might have just finished a puppet show.  



Here’s a fun way to become a marketing maverick.

So, what qualities do you think make PICTURE ONE my winner?   Give me three reasons in the comments.
(I’ll e-mail you my criteria list after you’ve risked a guess)

Thanks for playing!   

Entrepreneur Designers

.. Design today requires increasingly diverse ways of solving problems and telling stories. Opening up the range of design possibilities from software, to products, surfaces, services and the systems that connect them is what drives me. An MFA is certainly not the only way to achieve this, and is definitely not essential. But I do believe that stepping back to reflect on what you’ve learnt before piecing it back together is the most effective way to ensure making the most of a life spent practicing design.

— Why Study an MFA? by Tom Harman

Connect with who you are

The biggest difference you can make in the world is not to do something amazing. It’s not about invention, or uncovering planetary shifting ideas. The people who have made their mark on the world surely have done some of these things. But they didn’t set out to, not at first. They tapped into who they were in a big way.

If you want to make a dent in the world, you don’t need to be remarkable or have an earth-shattering vision.

What you need is inside of you.