How Personal Learning Networks meet Professional Development

Now, Professional Development needs to change to accommodate a new kind of learning journey that participants are on:

  1.  Share resources, and make connecting easy, ahead of time.

  2. Make sessions about action not information.

  3. Use the skills of the participants (have them not just participate, but also lead).



1. Share resources/connecting ahead of time

2. Action, not information
  • Learning in Louisiana – I joined a team from November Learning to present to groups of teachers on the topics of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting, PLN’s and other Web2.0 tools. Most of the event was hands-on with teachers having a lot of time to try the tools out.
  • Flat Classroom Conference – Beijing 2011 – We broke into teams and developed our own flat projects. I haven’t followed up with our ‘Reportizens‘ project yet, but I do think this is something I would like to pursue!
3. Use participants skills
  • EduBloggerCon events which include a ‘Smackdown‘ where participants share tools they like in rapid succession.
  • Edcamp – “…an unconference devoted to K-12 Education issues and ideas. A new kind of professional development dedicated to giving educators a voice.”

Sustainable Success on the Teachers’ Path

  • How to accept your own fear and use it as ally
  • How to deal with difficult students
  • How to find the balance between planning and letting go
  • How to create your own rich content – and get over feeling like a fake
  • How to use story-telling and evocative language
  • How to embrace your own learning as part of being a great teacher
  • How to engage on-line students to actually participate in your courses and forums
  • How to make choices in where you teach as a self-care practice