The Happiness Advantage


The Right Brain Rockstar Manifesto


You Have the Power to Make Creativity Your Day Job!

You CAN make money from your art.

You CAN bypass the gatekeepers and represent yourself as an artist.

You CAN get paid to be you.

You don’t have to get a ‘real job’ to support yourself.

You don’t have to wait for permission to start doing what you love.

Work doesn’t have to be something you don’t enjoy.

You don’t have to be Starving to be an Artist.

Life’s too short to spend it making other people rich.

Don’t wait. If you’re not where you are meant to be, start making changes today!

Reclaim the creativity you had as a child.

Live the life you’ve imagined, not the one that other people have imagined for you.

Nobody is going to grant you permission to be an artist, you need to claim it for yourself.

Ignore the nay sayers, and go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

This is your life. Shape it, or someone else will.